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My friend David has whipped up a new international Goth Club listing. It's a wiki, so unlike nearly if not all of the others, this one ought not to die after five years from not being updated.

It's here:

Put your local info in if it isn't there!


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Some animal rights activists are fighting to replace the term 'owner' with 'guardian' to convey a more balanced relationship between a person and her or his pet. Do you agree or disagree with the importance of this mission?

One wonders what "fighting for" means here. Are they trying to get laws changed? Lobbying newspapers? Or just using the language? If the latter, I think that's super. Go for it. That's how languages change, and change in language reflects and promotes change in cultural value and use.
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A friend of mine's account has been hacked, and the scammer wants to have money sent 'to Buckinghamshire, England.' How do I proceed? Alert Western Union that this is a theft?
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very fine May Day parade this year. phone nearly out of juice so no photos. extra sweet to share it with Jon who had never been before.
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This weekend I visited quite a bit with Birdfigment, and a bit with her handsome fellow. We did art visiting on Friday evening (and listened to Spacebug make some beautiful music, and gawked at the artificial skeleton of a griffin which was hanging from the ceiling of the coffee house,) and generally enjoyed the St. Paul Art Crawl part of their Lowertown loft building.

Saturday she hosted a crafty afternoon, so I dug out some of my beading things and was treated to several seldom seen friends and homemade mock duck pot stickers. It was nice. I finished up a bracelet and necklace, and because of the Crawl had the unusual opportunity to show it off to a much more accomplished jewelry designer, Heather Lawrenz, who lives in Northfield.

Then this afternoon I put the necklace and bracelet in a box and we went to our friend Gwen's bridal shower! Super delightful.

Thanks for moving back to Minnesota, Birdfigment and Azure Armand. You were missed.

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I have considered taking up journaling here more. what do you think?
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Good enough to crosspost:
Goths In Hot Weather

Aside from this silliness, Jon and I had a lovely visit to Montreal for the Kinetik festival, in which we tried not to cause our temporary housemates to throw up with all of the loveydovey. Thanks to all three, you were so much fun!

And now we delve into summer. the shop will be shut Mondays after Memorial Day until classes being again.

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Chuck Norris Saves a Croatian Bakery. (Worth a chuckle, sure. But an interesting piece of security and sociology as well.)

I apologize, LiveJournal, for doing so little blogging lately. Not sure what to say here now either; overall things roll along. I'll be spending a lot of time in my shop this summer as Sarah sallies forth to do some festivals and shows. Jon and I are still rearranging things in our place, though thank god the construction is done.

I do love spring, apart from the allergies, the road construction, and recalling perspiration. Storm windows, air conditioner wrestling, sunburn, a sudden reduction in the number of pockets that my clothes have now that I don't need a jacket... ah, spring.
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Seventh dream of teenage heaven.

It's Monday night at The Saloon. The refresh rate on this monitor (and the halting spacebar) are as bad as the rest of it is good.

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Thank you to the resourceful and awesome luno who will be saving my and saracura's sanity by lending us a flat-panel monitor for the shop. the one we scrounged two years ago just died, and the CRT from the basement flickers. can't be set above 60 hz.

thank you also to the lovely, talented and scrappy billmurray8 for making display with me today, too. she rocks.
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